ONE Ariake Art Festival is a multi-genre art festival that encompasses six categories: arts + crafts, sports, nature, food, sake, and tea. We will introduce the recommended highlights from each genre.
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About One Ariake Art Festival

ONE Ariake Art Festival is a migratory art project in the Kankai Ariake region. The festival aims to rediscover the charms and challenges of the region and connect the rich culture of Ariake with the importance of living with abundant nature, through nature conservation activities in the Ariake Sea and creative activities by children and people with disabilities.The theme of the festival is "Diversification of Local Resources". y combining the unique cultures of the Kankai Ariake region, such as art, craftsmanship, sports, food, drinks, and tea, which have developed over a long time, the festival's purpose is to create new experiences, products, and values.
About OAF


柳健司 / 井川健 / 塚本猪一郎 / 土屋貴哉 / Huang Yulong / Hong Geun Young / 木下友梨香 / 山中智郎 / 坂田桃歌 / 松村優里香 / 麻生二葉 / 黒木由美 / 津村光璃 / 白浜遼 / 辻拓眞 / 増本瑶子 / 姜博厳 / 田中壮一 / 岩崎千万理 / 松尾匠 / 絃春華 / ゆうきのつばさ / PICFA / すみなす(※2023年10月5日現在、順不同)