About OAF


During Japan's period of isolation, this Kankai Ariake region was the sole gateway to foreign technology and culture. As a legacy of that time, various assets, including art and craftsmanship, continue to thrive, and from there, something new is about to be born.We are once again focusing on that potential, aiming to discover the undiscovered charm of Kyushu, unknown even to us, and to widely communicate these new values.When thinking of the vast sea on this planet, the Ariake Sea is very small, a narrow area at best. However, this is precisely why a culture has developed. There is abundant nature that has been carefully preserved. The ONE Ariake Art Festival hopes to serve as a catalyst for new discoveries and creations for all of you.


ONE Ariake Art Festival is a migratory art project in the Kankai Ariake region. The festival aims to rediscover the charms and challenges of the region and connect the rich culture of Ariake with the importance of living with abundant nature, through nature conservation activities in the Ariake Sea and creative activities by children and people with disabilities.The theme of the festival is "Diversification of Local Resources". y combining the unique cultures of the Kankai Ariake region, such as art, craftsmanship, sports, food, drinks, and tea, which have developed over a long time, the festival's purpose is to create new experiences, products, and values.


2023/11/8(Wed) - 12/3(Sun)
ONE 有明アートフェスティバル実行委員会