motono studio↗
127-5 Motonomachi, Isahaya, Nagasaki 854-0093, Japan, Painter Hidenao Karasuyama's old house studio is open to the public during the period. A two-person exhibition with sculptor Takuro Ishii will be held. Dates 11/11,12,18,19,25,26 Dec 2,3 1pm-6pm.


Light up Fantasia

25.11.2023-04.01.2024(special night 25&26 November 2023)
2023 / 11 / 19

長田TT in Isahaya

A bicycle time trial competition will be held in the Nagata Bypass area of Isahaya City! The event is safe and enjoyable for everyone from beginners to the best riders, as the riders start from the starting blocks at different times.


Megane Bridge of Isahaya

Japan, 〒854-0016 Nagasaki, Isahaya, Takashiromachi, 770−2