Following the trend of the exhibition held at Matsuya Ginza last year, this group exhibition explores the connection between the present and the future, with contemporary artists and craftspeople gathered in the Saga area sharing the same space. Participating artists include Inichiro Tsukamoto, Kenji Yanagi, Takaya Tsuchiya, Ken Igawa, and by special invitation, HUANG Yulong (China) and Hong GeunYoung (Korea). In addition, as part of the Kyushu Art City Project 2023, there will be an exhibition of young artists (Yurika Kinoshita, Tomoo Yamanaka, Momoka Sakata, Yurika Matsumura, Futaba Aso), an exhibition by Picfa and Tsubasa Yuki, and the ONE Ariake poster exhibition.

Dates: November 8 (Wed) – November 15 (Wed), 13:00 – 19:00

Participating artists:
ACTIVATE: What Lies Beyond Exhibition
Kenji Yanagi, Takeshi Igawa, Iichiro Tsukamoto, Takayoshi Tsuchiya
Huang Yulong, HongGeunYoung

Kyushu Art City Project 2023
Yurika Kinoshita, Tomoo Yamanaka, Momoka Sakata, Yurika Matsumura, Futaba Aso

Art Exhibition for the Disabled
Yuuki no Tsubasa, PICFA

Kotobuki Building 2F, 1-17-5 Minoshima, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka 812-0017

Planning cooperation: DOYEON ART

Artist Profile:


■Kenji Yanagi
Born in Fukuoka in 1961, Yanagi graduated from the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music in 1988 and from the Chelsea College of Art and Design in 1995. Since the mid-1980s, he has produced works that confront the relationship between the body and space, attempting to liberate the body and spirit and to represent memory in works that touch on the viewer’s personal feelings.
Major project spaces established and operated: KCA house (Saitama), 2004-16; kenakian (Saga), 2021-.

■Iichiro Tsukamoto
1956 Born in Saga Prefecture
1982 Graduated from Saga University, Department of Fine Arts
1985 Entered the Department of Printmaking at Complutense University (Madrid, Spain)
Solo exhibitions in Japan since 1980

■Takayoshi Tsuchiya
M.F.A. Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, 2001 Selected by the Agency for Cultural Affairs to represent Japan in the international exhibition “FILE SP 2014” (Sao Paulo). He was selected and dispatched by the Agency for Cultural Affairs to represent Japan in the international exhibition “FILE SP 2014” (Sao Paulo), “Travel and Love” at Kyushu Geibunkan, Fukuoka Prefectural Museum of Art, and others (2020-21), “Regards Croisés” at Regent Center Crans-Montana (Crans-Montana, 2014), “Born in 1974” at the Museum of Modern Art Gunma (2014), “2:46 and Thereafter” at the Edison Place Thereafter,” Edison Place Gallery (Washington, DC/2012).

■Takeshi Igawa
1980 Born in Hyogo Prefecture
1999 Entered Kyoto City University of Arts, Department of Crafts (studied lacquer craft)
D. (Fine Arts), Graduate School of Fine Arts, Kyoto City University of Arts, 2009
Currently Associate Professor, Faculty of Art and Regional Design, Saga University (Lives and works in Saga City, Saga Prefecture)

■Hong Geunyoung
1984 Born in Korea
2008 B.F.A. in Sculpture, Sungshin Women’s University
2012 MFA in Public Art, Sungshin Women’s University

■Huang Yulong
1983 Born in Anhui, China
2008 Graduated from Jingdezhen Ceramics University, Department of Sculpture

Art Exhibition for the Disabled

■Yuuki no Tsubasa
The Yuuki no Tsubasa Project aims to create an “inclusion society” in which all people, regardless of disabilities, can live their lives in their own way, with vitality and vitality. Through various exchanges, the project deepens mutual understanding and communicates the importance of accepting people as they are.

PICFA opened in July 2017 as a welfare service center for people with disabilities in Kiyama Shikage Hospital, a medical corporation that has been in existence for 350 years. PICFA is a coined word from Picture (painting) and Welfare (welfare), and its activities include the production and sale of paintings, provision of designs and illustrations, murals, and numerous live paintings, PICFA also works in tie-ups with government agencies as well as many companies to produce and sell product designs and goods.

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