Manda pit artfes 2023

Manda pit artfes 2023

Manda Kogen has invited four internationally and domestically active contemporary artists to create works inspired by Manda Kogen as AIR (Artist in Residence), and will now hold the Manda Kogen Art Festival to exhibit these works throughout Manda Kogen.
In addition, artist talk events and art workshops will be held during the three-day weekend beginning on the first day of the festival. This will be the first large-scale exhibition of its kind to be held at Manda Kogen, and we look forward to seeing you there.

Dates: November 3 – December 24

Venue: Manda Kogen (Workplace, coal dressing plant, steam furnace chimney, Sakura-machi Tunnel)

Participating artists: Shuji Inoue, Hitoshi Ushijima, Sakurako Nagano, Ryoji Morimoto

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