EDAUME will hold the exhibition in the renovated building of the former Edaume Brewery, which was founded in 1907 and was the only remaining brewery in the Saga Castle area along the old Nagasaki Highway, and is now a gallery and artist-in-residence. Participating artists in the Crafts Exhibition are Yumi Kuroki (ceramics), Mitsuri Tsumura (dye), and Ryo Shirahama (lacquer) in the first half, and Takuma Tsuji (ceramics), Yoko Masumoto (dye), and Hakugon Kang (lacquer) in the second half. Participating artists in the contemporary art exhibition are Chimari Iwasaki, Soichi Tanaka, and Takumi Matsuo; EDAUME is managed by Saga City and the NPO Machi no Neda.

Friday, November 3, 2023 – Sunday, December 3, 2023 
10:00 – 20:00

Exhibition of Young Contemporary Artists at Nishi-no-Kura
Dates: 11/8-12/3
 Soichi Tanaka, Chimari Iwasaki, Takumi Matsuo

East Storehouse: Young Craft Artists Exhibition Eda×Work
First half: 11/8-22, Second half: 11/28-12/3
 First half: Yumi Kuroki, Mitsuri Tsumura, Ryo Shirahama
 Second half: Takuma Tsuji, Yoko Masumoto, Hirotoshi Kang

Duration: 11/8-12/3
 Art Exhibition for the Disabled – Yuuki no Tsubasa, PICFA
 ONE Ariake Product Exhibition
 Artwork sales, crafts and goods sales

Venue: EDAUME, the former Edaume Sake Brewery 
1-2 Hachinohe, Saga City, Saga Prefecture, 840-0854, Japan

Art Exhibition for the Disabled]

Yuuki no Tsubasa
The Yuuki no Tsubasa Project aims to create an “inclusion society” in which all people, regardless of disabilities, can live their lives with vitality and vigor in their own way. Through various exchanges, the project deepens mutual understanding and communicates the importance of accepting people as they are.

PICFA opened in July 2017 as a welfare service center for people with disabilities in Kiyama Shikage Hospital, a medical corporation that has been in existence for 350 years. PICFA is a coined word from Picture (painting) and Welfare (welfare), and its activities include the production and sale of paintings, provision of designs and illustrations, murals, and numerous live paintings, PICFA also works in tie-ups with government agencies as well as many companies to produce and sell product designs and goods.

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